...respect is just the minimum...


..winter kept me home on a saturday night....

Blah!!! I hate the winter!! I know hate is a really strong sentiment, but I've come to the conclusion that I definitely hate the winter and snow and slush and frozen cars and frozen doors, and salt that ruins my car, etc....etc.... I guess all the good weather that we've had up till now has spoiled us. My 5 year goal = move to a warm country!!!

Well, it's a Saturday night and this cold weather has me feeling reclusive. I am not leaving this house unless there's some kind of fire or major emergency. I was originally supposed to go to a show called When Sister's Speak which is usually an excellent spoken word show, but the thought of warming up a freezing car, bundling up, fighting through traffic to get downtown, searching for parking, pay for parking, pay $25 for admission and then coming out of the show to trudge back to the car and once again wait for it to warm up just did not appeal to me tonight. So as promised, I present me.....

Who is .piscessoul.??
(I'll give you the basics)
..location - toronto..
..sex - female..
..age - 24 [I turn 25 in a matter of months (March to be exact)]..
..eye color - dark brown..
..hair color - jet black (I got a big ole 'fro that I can't seem to tame)..
..background - my parents are from the island of Trinidad..
..education - York University..BA Psychology, CRS..
..focus - rehabilitation management..
..occupation - student [I just finished my last semester at University]..
..likes - You'll learn more about my likes & dislikes soon enough..


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