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guilt conscience?!?! I think not!!

Last night my celly rang and rang and rang. I have a habit of never turning it off because I want to see who's calling. I forgot I had promised a friend I would go to a club with her since her daughter was away for the weekend. But as I already mentioned, winter kept me home and my original plan that day was to go to When Sister's Speak which she would not have been interested in since that isn't her thing (read: she finds spoken word and live shows boring). So technically it's not my fault. Don't blame me, blame winter. Last night just wasn't the night to be confined to a sweaty club. And yes, I will tell her that when I eventuallly call her back.

So I spent Saturday night with popcorn, my duvet, my couch and a dvd my brother lent me titled 5 Conversations about Soul. The film features Jaguar Wright, George Clinton, ?uestlove and Julie Dexter. The subject matter and concept were both excellent. But the description didn't lie when they described it as a bootleg. Maybe the camera man was scared but his hand shook (and thus the camera shook...to the point were I thought I would have motion sickness) throughout almost every snippet of ?uestlove. Who knows, maybe he was intimidated by the 'fro....

...rotating...Anthony Hamilton: Coming from Where I'm From
...anticipating...Amel Larrieux: Bravebird


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