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Ever since I quit the part time gig, I've been spending more money. Money I don't have. Working on a Saturday, I didn't have the luxury of being idle on a Saturday. Now that I'm home on Saturdays with nothing to do, where does Ms.Soul find herself? Shopping. I cleaned out my closet, yet I've filled the vacant spaces and ended up having to buy more hangers. If I keep going at this rate I will be broke before the end of summer.

Don't get me wrong, I love everything that I've purchased. Every single shirt, skirt, earring, bracelet, shoe, camera...I LOVE IT!! I've always been a shop-a-holic, but now that I have the time...the habit has gotten just a tad bit more noticeable.

Maybe I should get myself a part time gig in retail. But then, I don't think I have the tolerance for retail customers. Dealing with them on the phones was bad enough, much less having to actually see them face to face.

On a side note, I'm very excited about winning a contest recently. FREE VINYL!! Nothing beats that. I've already decided to give it to the bro as a present.

Moving even further off topic, the Downtown Toronto Jazz Festival is on. Last year I missed out, but this year I am definitely going to be checking the Beady Belle show on Sunday. Even if it means going by myself.

And of course, this weekend I must go to SummerLicious. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. If you're going to be in T.O this weekend, be sure to check both of these events out.

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