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I confess.
I cheated.
On my plane ride back to Toronto from Trinidad (which happened to be on Ash Wednesday), I decided that for Lent I would give up meat and eat only seafood for the duration of Lent. I was doing fine, considering I'm not that big of a meat eater to begin with. On the plane, I had the salad and at the veggies and rice. I opted for the filet of fish at McDonald's (which isn't unusual since I can't remember the last time I've had a BigMac or Quarter Pounder). I had seafood pasta when I went out for dinner on the weekend. And even convinced my carnivore friend to cook seafood instead of chicken for my birthday dinner. But then...yesterday....it happened. I didn't make my lunch and had to resort to leaving work and driving around to look for something edible. I drove past McDonald's, kept on driving past Burger King, sped past Ho Lee Chow and then before I knew it, I was at Swiss Chalet ordering a creamy chicken soup. Yeah, I know...big deal...chicken soup. But the point is, I felt soooo guilty even after I savoured the soup that I called my mom to confess. (I should have mentioned that we were both doing the 'no meat in Lent' thang). Her response....'Ohh, don't worry about it...I forgot and cheated on that long time ago' [insert trini accent].

So, knowing that I lasted longer than my mother...I don't feel as guilty.

:side notes:
I won a free muffin in the Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim to Win contest.

I have a presentation on Monday that I haven't started yet. It's supposed to be an hour long presentation and the library that has all the info I need is closed on weekends. I'm screwed.

I was on time to work yesterday!!! Yay me!! In fact I was 15 minutes early. My supervisor thinks I have sun stroke from Trinidad.

I need new music. I'm looking for more joints from E-3. Any other suggestions??

I'm horrible at returning phone calls. I need to figure out how long is too long to just say f*ck it and not bother calling someone back??

However, I hate it when I make the effort to call someone and they don't call me back.

My household finally sucked it up and made the switch from dial up to cable. Guess What?!?! That ish was installed last Tuesday and my email still isn't working!! Note to self: commence hate mail to Rogers Wireless. Not having access to my email is frustrating as hell, especially when it has become my primary means of communication.

Finally, I may get shot by every Black person for saying this. But I am not feeling Ruben Studdard's song 'Sorry 2004'. Quite honestly, I think the song is wack and is pretty damn annoying.

...rotating....Ellis Hall III aka E-3


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