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snow day!!!!!!

Ha! I just checked my email and found out that my night class got cancelled. Grrrrrrrreat. Especially since I wasn't going anyways. (note: snow days are one of the few positives about winter in Canada). I got home from work and spent much needed time in the house by myself....and then they (the parents) came home. They haven't stopped calling my name unnecessarily since they walked through the door. I think they just like the sound of my silent response. Perhaps it tickles them...maybe, they think that annoying me will get me out of this house quicker....HA!! They don't know...I ain't going nowhere, I'm comfortable for now.

On my way home, I made the mistake of picking up Krispy Kremes. Yuck!! I have no idea why I did that. I ate one 3 hours ago and I can still feel the sugar slowly rotting my teeth even after vigorously brushing my teeth. I have a diet problem. I don't eat any red meat, I avoid chicken unless there's nothing else at home to eat (which is quite often), I love seafood in general and veggies and fruits. The problem is I don't can'tdon't (sounds better) cook. Which wouldn't be that big of a problem if I didn't live in a house of carnivores. My brother eats anything that can fit on a plate and thinks that the bloodier the better. My pops tells me he doesn't discriminate; and my mom (typical Trinidadian that she is) feels that every dish needs a little bit of salt meat (read: pork) just to give it a little flavour. My doctor has also forbidden me to cut meat out of my diet completely because I've been anemic on and off for most of my life.

Last night's menu was spaghetti. Moms knows I wouldn't touch it if she had made it with beef so she made it with ground chicken. Thinking, it couldn't be that bad I decided to be a bit adventurous and taste it. ..............uggggggggggggggghhhh. I felt sick for the rest of the night. I've gotten to the point (since I don't eat beef or pork or chicken regularly) where when I do eat it, I actually feel sick. I went shopping with a friend in the summer and we were looking for a quick bite to eat and after hours of convincing (and the consideration that all I had left after shopping was $3) she ushered me into McDonald's to purchase a cheeseburger which happened to be on their dollar menu that day. BIG MISTAKE!! One bite and that cheeseburger was wrapped right back up and deposited into the garbage. What a waste of a $1.14.

I know it's a simple solution - start cooking for myself and I won't have this problem. Believe me, I've tried. In fact, I actually like grocery shopping. I'm a regular midnight customer at Sobey's. I just always seem to find myself on the go without enough time to stop and spend time in a kitchen preparing a meal. It's just easier to stop off and grab something or swing by a friend's house who's cooked.

So all this time spent typing on my glorious snow day as resulted in this conclusion: New Year's Resolution No. 2,229 - No more buying food on the go. Every morning I'm going to pack a lunch and snacks and munchies for work. Every night, I'm going to make it a point to come home and make dinner for myself.

Let's see how long it'll take me to break that resolution.

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anticipating...Mos Def (i hear a new album is due in Feb.)


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