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just got paid...friday night....

So, I'm on probation at work. My part time job that is. I got bills to pay, so I slave full time during the day, go to school part time and work part time at a hell hole.

32 lates for the year. Personally, I think there were more but they just stopped counting after a while. So...my supervisor came at me acting like she was really sorry to do this saying that HR told her that she has to give me a written warning. Why did she even try to sugar coat it? She knows that I know my attendance sux. She also knows that I'm only there on a part time basis because I need the money not because I like the job like half the other suckers in there.

So anyways, back to my original point (whatever that was)...I'm on probation. I have to improve my attendance or else they'll supposedly fire me. (Another load of crap because a friend of mine in the same department has been on probation for over 2 years now). But, I'll play along.

So, I'm home tonite because I start at 8 tomorrow morning. If I had gone to Amnesia and partied like I wanted to, I would have definitely been late in the morning. So, instead...I've alternated between television, the internet, the telephone, and my cds.

Ahhh, yes...my cds. I went to HMV last night because I needed a cd. Sometimes, people do not understand me when I say that I needed a cd. I can't even describe it, I just had the urge to hear something new, to purchase something new or even discover a new artist. It just gives me a huge sense of excitement. I must have been in there for over an hour. I kept harassing the dude at the info desk asking him to look up different artists in the computer. Not ONE damn cd that I was looking for was in the store. Amel Larrieux was supposed to be released on the 20th...why was there no record of that in their database?? SHYT!!! I know that the kid was getting aggravated so I eventually left him alone and just started looking around myself. I eventually picked up Wax Poetics' 'Nublu Sessions' and Goapele 'Even Closer' I left semi satisfied but extremely dissatisfied (is that possible?!? It has to be because that's how I felt).

enough rambling...good night...let's hope I'm on time in the morning.....

still anticipating...Amel Larrieux: Bravebird...
in the meantime rotating...Wax Poetics & Zero 7 'Simple Things feat. Mozez.

ps...i should've f#*&n' gone to Amnesia!!!


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