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recap: Saturday Night

Last night was fun, but it brought with it realization that I am almost 25. In exactly 37 days, on March 2nd I will be 25.

So, last night I partied with my girls for the first time in months. I arrived late of course (only because I had a prior engagement). I didn't get to the club till about 12:45 pm. Now it was freezing last night (something like -20 celsius), and me trying to look cute ((and not wanting to risk getting my coat stolen from coat check)), shivered outside in the line by myself. As I stood there holding my arms as close to my body as possible, teeth chattering, knees knocking...I asked myself what the hell I was doing there. While I love music and dancing...the club scene in Toronto is ohh so tired (to me atleast). Probably because I was hitting half of these spots since I was like 16 and now almost 10 years later, it's all boring. There's no more excitement in getting ready to go, getting in, getting that first drink and seeing all the other regulars. In fact, I initially approached last night with a sense of dread as I got dressed ever so slowly and further procrastinated leaving the get together which I attended before leaving to meet my girls at this party (which also further contributed to my lateness).

By the time I got in (after arguing/flirting with that ever so sexy bouncer at the door who tried to pretend like one of my friends hadn't given him a ticket for me), coat check was full. So I stood in the sweatbox slowly warming up and eventually overheating as I contemplated what to do with my jacket. By the time I had decided to stash my jacket at the bar closest to our spot, I had consumed two tequila shots, a Coronna and half a Heineken. That marked the beginning of the end..... After being passed a blunt that was circulating, I knew that it would be a slow drive home.

I was in my own world as the music pulsated and I danced oblivious at moments to the unbearable heat. Despite my initial dread, I had thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I arrived home safely at 5 am...(obviously: since I'm here posting this today), and awoke at 3pm this afternoon. I love Sundays....next week I'll share with you why.

It's midnite. I started this post at 6 pm. But I got sidetracked and have only now gotten around to getting back online to actually post it.

rotating....Goapele: Even Closer
anticipating....Trinidad Carnival which is now 22 days away.


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