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One thing that I refuse to be subjected to is ignorance and arrogance. I haven't really spoken to my father since November as a result of this; and yet another person is on the verge of being locked out for the same reason. In 2003 I decided to stop subjecting myself to unnecessary stress. I was previously the type who easily forgave any wrong doing. I've never been one to believe in 'sorries'; if you didn't really mean to do something then either you would not have done it in the first place or you wouldn't need the word 'sorry' to express your remorse. Since you can't change the past, I've adopted a new philosophy of learning from my mistakes so that I'm not placed in the same type of situation with the same person again.

So ummm, yeah. I'm back from Trinidad. I was welcomed back with the usual chaos and I'm wishing I had never returned. I've only been back for four days and I'm already out of breath as I struggle to keep up with the rat race of North American life.

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