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out of touch.

My computer and internet connection have been down for the last 2 days.
I felt like I was going crazy. I apparently have a need to be able to check my email, etc... on a regular basis. I can finally admit it....i am addicted. I think a lot of people have already realized this about me. There have been instances where I've come home at 5 in the morning and had to go online. During my little Ebay phase, I was so hooked I would set a timer to make sure I was online when an auction was about to expire.

It's funny, because I honestly don't know if I can imagine my life right now without constant access to the net. Life without the net. You would honestly think that I've had the internet forever. The truth is the internet has only been in my life and the lives of many others for the last 7 - 8 years. However, we've all become so dependent on it that you would never actually know that. I don't even make long distance calls anymore, I talk to my fam overseas through Msn Messenger or icq or just plain ole email. Who mails a letter in this day and age?? If I have to send a document, I scan it...attach it...and click send.....

Sad but true, the blackout this past summer showed me how dependent the world has become on technology. We've forgotten how to do simple tasks without the assistance of a computer or some other sort of technology. I remember trying to call a few of my friends to make sure they were doing okay during the blackout and couldn't get in touch with them. When I finally contacted them once power had been restored, they shamefully admitted that they only had cordless/portable phones in their home and all of these phones couldn't work without electricity.

I also remember going for a walk with my mom and stopping at a neighbor's' house and telling them how we had drank tea and made soup. They couldn't understand how we had done that when we didn't have electricity and were so astonished when we let them know that we had just put a pan on the barbecue and boiled water the old fashioned way. My neighbor (and this ain't no lie) told me that she had thought of that but wasn't totally sure how to heat up the water that way!!!!!!!!!!

...are we out of touch??? I can admit that to some extent I am...I can not imagine my life without the internet, my cell phone, a car, and other luxuries. However, I'm confident that if they were all stripped away tomorrow, I could and would survive. Unfortunately, there are a large group of people who definitely would have a difficult time living without all of our technological luxuries.

...rotating...Prefuse 73: One Word Extinguisher
...anticipating...the wine and cheese at the Trade Show I'm attending tomorrow (yes..I'm a bit greedy).


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