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I feel so totally frazzled.
I leave for Trinidad in a week and I am working every day from now till the day I leave. I have three huge reports that need to be finished before I leave, plus an assignment at school that's due as soon as I get back. I have so much to do....I need to pack and organize summer clothes to take with me. My summer clothes have been packed away and I have absolutely no idea of what I have in terms of clothing. I haven't even pulled out my suitcase yet. Plus I have to buy little gifts for my family (or atleast I would like to). My room is a mess right now, my mom stepped in this morning...looked around and just shook her head. I have LOADS of laundry that I need to do. I wish I could hire a personal organizer to come in, clean my room and organize all my papers and books and clothes and bags and.....everything else that I have strewn all over the place.

I really shouldn't be going away right now due to time & money constraints...but I feel like I really need this break. I might go a bit nuts if I don't escape just for a bit.

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