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This week was long yet short. It started out with me thinking I had soooo much time left to get everything done. But then the days simply flew by and now here I am with two days before I leave.

I need to get crackin'. I leave day after tomorrow and I haven't even begun to pack. It doesn't help that I was out every night from Wednesday night to today. Every day for the last week, I've come home and looked at that suitcase and told myself that I would start packing. And everyday, something alternative came up.

I saw the movie City of God last night. None of my friends were keen on going to see it and I really wanted to see it in the theatre before it's released on DVD, so I packed myself a bag of snacks and went by myself. I've never gone to a movie by myself. But I think I enjoyed the movie more and was able to concentrate on it and get more out of it because I was by myself. I had a conversation with a friend a few months back who was telling me that he only goes to the movies by himself. He pointed out that when you're in a movie with someone else, it's more difficult to keep up with the story line because the person you're with has a tendency to talk to you all the time. Whereas by yourself, the only real distraction is the movie (and where this one was concerned, the subtitles). So, would I do it again? YES, definitely! I think that everyone needs to have days where they spend time with them self and get in touch with them self. That's not always possible when you're constantly surrounded by people.

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