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Yeah!!! The weather is getting better. I'm so happy. I love spring, fall and summer. I wish I could find a country that only has these three seasons. Any suggestions??

How come HMV still doesn't have the new Amel Larrieux cd? Every time I go in there the staff looks at me like I have three heads. Why?? Because I always come in looking for a specific cd that 9 times out of 10 they've never heard of. The dude thinks I'm a bit of a fanatic because I call and come in person and because I was able to spell Meshell Ndegeocello for him. [I see nothing weird about any of this by the way].

And why are they more than willing to order it for me on the condition that I pay $30 plus tax for it up front. Now, I've paid more than $30 for a cd on numerous occasions. But!! Hmv.com has the cd listed for $19.99....so why the (&(^% is it so much more to order it in store???

So umm, I am now 25 years young. [But, I tell everyone I'm 21]. I don't think I look or act 25. But then, how does someone who's 25 act?? Or look?? Who knows, maybe I should move out and start doing grown up things [what are those??]. Moving out is definitely in the plans though. [give me 5 years...lol].

I'm at work right now and since my boss has been away, I've changed the radio station...rearranged our desks...and overall, developed some horrible work habits [such as posting in my blog during the workday] that I need to discard before she returns in a week.

What else....

This week is Canadian Music Week. I checked the schedule and found nothing of interest. Except maybe for the Graph Nobel show. But I think that it's tonite and I have to work till 10 pm at my part time job.

Speaking of my part time job. I really need to concentrate on improving my attendance and punctuality now that I'm back from vacation. I've been on time so far but I already called in sick once since I've been back. I got to work on getting up on time on Saturdays so that I'm at my desk and ready to go by 8 am.

I need to go shopping and get some spring/summer clothes. The One of a Kind show is coming up at the end of March and the Clothing Show is coming up in May. I've noticed that the trend right now is vintage looking clothing that stores like Urban Outfitters sell at ridiculously high prices. I'm planning on buying my ass a sewing machine to make my own shit. I've already made a really cute belt that everyone goes goo-goo over and I've modified some of my parents old clothes to become my own creations. So my next step is to teach myself to sew. Who knows, maybe I'll even sell some stuff and ridiculous prices just like Urban Outfitters. [hahaha...yeah right!!]

I just realized that I still haven't received my Kobayashi cd. I think it's time to start harassing these people to make sure I get my cd.

rotating....MadLib: Stevie
anticipating....SPRING!!! and SHOPPING!!!


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