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Daily Extended Horoscope
March 02, 2004
Birth Date........... March 2, 1979
Birth Location..... North York, Canada
Sun Sign............ Pisces

There's a joyful method to your madness. Anyone who's on your wavelength will pick it up right away. Pleasure seekers find each other, joining forces to make noise and raise dust. As long as you're happy, you're ripe for the perfect adventure. Stay active and you'll be creative. One is impossible without the other. Discovery and delight are as natural as breathing, as basic and profound as taking a walk on a lovely day. Grow and celebrate among the people that you adore. Anything that you do is fine with them, partly because you're so uniquely different from all others.

It's too early in the day for me to really reflect on what this day has held so far. So I'll be back tonight (or maybe tomorrow) to give a full report.

Until then.....Happy Birthday to Me!!!


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