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Sunday, March 7, 2004
Pisces Daily Horoscope by Astrocenter.com
Recent events in the department of love and romance may have you feeling as if you are simply not getting your needs met, dear Pisces. Remember that other people aren't mind readers the way you are. If someone's behavior isn't sitting right with you, tell them so. Romantic partnerships shouldn't be something that you make personal sacrifices for in order to maintain. They should be something that uplifts and supports your dreams.

Even though I have a tendency to read my horoscope daily (however, never at any set time of the day), I find them to be questionable. From my experience: if you read your horoscope at the beginning of the day, one goes through the entire day relating events that could possibly occur to the predictions outlined in the horoscope. If you read your horoscope at the end of the day, (regardless of how shitty it was), you find a way to relate everything that has happened to the predictions of the horoscope.

Irregardless, I guess I find some sort of strange comfort in regularly reading my horoscope. I can't describe it. I don't necessarily believe everything that is written/predicted. Perhaps, in some way it fictionalizes (is that a word??) my life, making it seem semi interesting.

So, I went out last night and had a horrible time because when I got there I started to feel ill. Too make matters worse, at the end of the night (read: 4 in the morning), the line up to get my coat at coat check was outrageously long. A police officer yelled at me to leave; so I yelled back that I was going a f^%&'n place without my jacket. Dude at the coatcheck lost my jacket stub and I didn't end up getting my jacket till about 5:30 am (yup, that's right an hour and a half after I had given him my stub).

I don't mind getting home at 6 in the morning if the night was enjoyable. But when it's a shitty night, and you've spent the majority of the night wishing you were already at home...getting home at 6 in the morning just means that you'll be grumpy the next day.

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