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this ain't no lie!

I swear raccoons are evil. Especially the ones in my neighbourhood. I've had a strong suspicion for a while now. But tonite I found the evidence that I needed.

It's Caribana weekend, so I've been partying since Thursday (and still going to work for 9 am each morning). So today consisted of work, stopping by my aunt's bbq, hitting my homegirl's house smokin' and having a drink, repeating the same thing when other guest's arrived and then finally heading home to enjoy a quite evening sitting outside smokin' and enjoying the weather.

Note, I am in my backyard. No one else is home, all of my neighbours are asleep. As I am sitting there, I begin to sense that I am not alone. I peer out into the darkness of my back yard and discover 2 pairs of eyes staring directly at me. Raccoons!! I sit back semi relieved that it's not a skunk and they will go about their business and leave me alone. I am human right? Dominant? Bigger than them? I sit back and continue puffing. All of a sudden, I notice that 1 pair of eyes is moving. Diagonal to where I am sitting yet towards my house. I continue to look at the other still pair of eyes. This pair remains unmoving for a moment, staring right back at me, seemingly unblinking. All of a sudden I realize that this pair has also begun to move, again in a diagonal yet towards my house.

My backyard has sensor lights which turn on with the detection of movement. All of a sudden, the sensor closest to where I am sitting flashes on.

Let me tell you, I have never moved so fast in my life.

I was up. Inside. Screen & Glass doors closed. Bar Down. Locked. Before I had even seen the shadow below the light.

No way was I going to let 2 disgusting raccoons take me down.
I'm telling you, Racoons are evil.
They saw me come out, sat there in the middle watching me, planning their attack, and then swiftly attacking.

Believe me, raccoons are evil.


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