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absence alert!

every once in a while, i have to remind myself and you (of course) that i am still here. there's just a lot going on right now. every day i have new posts formulated in my head but i just haven't been able to commit myself to sitting here and actually typing them out.

ain't nothing much changed.
* work is still stressful
...i've been working saturdays and late nights for the last little while. by the time i get home during the week all i do is crawl into bed and sleep for a few minutes (or so it feels) before waking up to start the day all over again.
* male companionship is stressful
...i won't even elaborate on this. it just is. i've realized that i am deserving of the best possible. i refuse to settle for anything less.
* music still makes me high
...my sole enjoyment of late has been downloading music to my ipod. right now i'm enjoying a disc by Dj Cam called Mad Blunted Jazz.
* and lastly i still indulge in that greenery.

what more can i say?
(a lot really...but i'm just not in the mood).

i leave for trinidad tomorrow and i have yet to even begin packing. and of course, the relatives have bombarded me with the usual requests for 'gifts'...nikes, sunglasses, jewellery, cellular phones, microwaves and dvd players. (yup...you read correctly). but guess what? not one of those things will be found in ms. soul's suitcase. no sir. all that i'm taking is underwear, toothbrush, shoes for me, swimsuit and fete clothes. see...i know what's going to happen anways. i'll wear an outfit. a cousin will think it's cute and i'll end up returning to toronto without it. so why go through the bother of buying extra gifts.

i honestly cannot wait to feel the change in temperature as the plane begins to descend into trinidad. i really can't wait. even if i don't go to any fete, atleast i can relax in the sun for a minute and catch my breath before returning to this rat race.


  • At Sun. Feb. 19, 02:42:00 a.m. EST, Blogger EJ Flavors said…

    I wondered where you were. Take that time off, and tell us what a good time you had in Trinidad when you get back. And yeah, I'm gonna grab Mad Blunted Jazz. Good lookin' out.

  • At Fri. Mar. 10, 02:12:00 p.m. EST, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    I hope Trinidad was just what the Dr. ordered babes....
    -Bk Babe

  • At Thu. Mar. 16, 02:25:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i have no idea how i got to your blog while i was on google lookin for the Big Black Lincoln album release...

    Still...you seem madd cool! I swear by soul kitchen and Ian Andre events too...

    Anyways...maybe we'll bump into each other sometime!

    take care...

    now back to finding the date for that BBL release

  • At Fri. Mar. 17, 02:21:00 p.m. EST, Blogger A* said…

    I aint mad at ya grrrrl.
    You know how *ish be,
    a million drop of a n199@z sweat.

    ..hope you had a great trip.


  • At Thu. Jun. 15, 05:58:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Nyasha.Nicole said…

    How was Trini? I like your Blog...I started something on Yahoo 360 which is pretty simple to follow. I like your links to the trini food too, that was cool.


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