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new year...new _______(?!?!)

where do i begin?
i feel like i am consistently trying to keep up with all aspects of life (blog included).
i'm out of breath.

i spent new year's eve at a house party where liquor was plentiful, food was in abundance and i feared the house would have burned down with the amount of weed smoking that was going on in the basement. i left the house party at around 5am and spent the morning with my friend. at first i was reluctant to go to his house (i was in no condition to be driving)...but i'm glad that i did. that was perhaps one of the best moments we've had together. as i said to a friend this week, the time we actually spend together is wonderful but i hate him when i'm not with him. and i despise myself for having 'female moments' where i think about him.

i should add right now that this post was started on January 8 and today (January 20) I've finally gotten around to completing it. so much has happened in the last few weeks. my original draft of this post had touched on a lot of the stuff that's been going on in toronto in the last few months (though, the reality is that its been here for years but was just never addressed), but i really don't even want to get into it. we'll see what the outcome of the election is and whether these politicians (once they've secured our vote and get in the office) demonstrate action (as opposed to promises).

last year i vowed that i would not spend another carnival in toronto to have to listen to everyone and my mama talk about what a great time they had in trinidad. so as of last week, i am officially booked. i cannot wait. i'm in desperate need of a real vacation and i realize now that this will be my first vacation (read: an un-family related trip with friends) since i've graduated. is trinidad ready for my girls and i?? i'm not too sure....

i managed to get my hands on a copy of the new bilal that's been leaked. I LOVE IT! bilal...why has it taken you this long to come back? and when will this officially be released so i can go and actually purchase a copy? you know i got love for you if i'm willing to go and spend money for your cd when i already got the bootleg. [lol]

a short update.
i really need to take the time to do a real update prior to leaving for trinidad.
until then...

i'm off to 'enjoy' the effects of globalwarming.

rotating...bilal: lord don't let it


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