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madlib invasion...

so as i mentioned amidst my broken bracelet drama..madlib was in town last week. although my pockets would not allow me to attend the actual show, i made sure to make my way over to the instore signing at hmv which happens to be about a block from where i work.

i was disappointed that there wasn't more of a turnout. i walked in expecting to see a long line up. instead i was met with a handful of people lurking around the store waiting for madlib to make his appearance. the handful grew into a small crowd by the time madlib took the stage at about 5:30ish. when he did take the stage, he blessed us with snippets from unreleased beats for about an hour. i was struck by how humble and shy he appeared to be. (although looks can be deceiving). he didn't talk much but instead did what he does best and then took the time to sign cds and other paraphernalia. i was not disappointed.

big shout out to rosie who was nice enough to send me copies of her pictures since i had forgotten my camera at home.

so, in less than 5 days i will be on a plane headed to trinidad. i'm anticipating the comments from my granny who will without a doubt tell me how skinny and pale i am; she will then proceed to try to fatten me up by feeding me full meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course all the snacks in between. yeahhhhh...i can't wait. i intend to look at granny with does eyes and ask her to please help a poor starving granddaughter.

rotating...Nicolay - The Dutch Masters Vol. 1
anticipating...good ole' home cooking..the way granny does it...


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