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The baton was passed to me by the man behind vibes&stuff - del.
Not too much flourish in this post...you will note, there's no cool musical reference or quotes. i'm just giving the answers.

Total volume of music files on my computer
As of last night zilch. I purchased an external hard drive that now holds all my music. Volume as of today on the external is 10.49GB. As I mentioned previously, I'm still trying to decide between an Ipod and the Creative Zen.

Last CD bought was...
Common's BE. Just to show support. As of late, I'm ashamed to admit that 95% of my new acquisitions have been through downloads/shareware.

Song playing right now
Minnie Ripperton - Memory Lane
- my moms always gives me a funny look when i play Minnie. It boggles her that I love Minnie Ripperton so much. Not because there's anything wrong with Minnie but in her eyes...Minnie is someone her generation can appreciate. My response...whatever!

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:
Ummmm. Like everyone else has said, this is difficult.

Quasimoto - Greenery .... I'm going to sound like a broken record but i just can't get enough of the bass on this track. And of course, the subject matter....

Darien Brockington - Beautiful .... This song is just that. Beautiful. This song stays on steady repeat, and I mean steady. I am eagerly anticipating a full length album after getting my hands on a copy of his ep.

Jah Cure - Longing For .... This is my kind of rockers reggae (is that where this would be classified?). Just listen to it.

Medaphoar - Push featuring Jaydee .... I read an interview once with Queen Latifah where she said that what draws her to a song is the beat. I couldn't agree more. This applies to both this track and the Quas track.

Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter .... Ok. So the likely question is 'where the eff did this one come from'. I dunno. I can't even explain. After seeing the movie Closer, I've been hooked on this song. It could almost be considered melancholy. Not at all beat heavy but minimalist (sp?) so that the words can be heard and in a sense felt.

And I'd like to pass the baton on to....
well, i won't put too many people on the spot. namely because i don't exactly have a 'following' for this blog. but ummmm, i'll use the last three 'commenters' from my last entry, so....obi, dan tres and ms.dragonflypurity


  • At Mon. Jun. 13, 01:17:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    >>>tells no lies<<<

    tell mama we in this. if minnie's good for her it's good for us.

    d/ling off the stealware networks huh? join the club. if you can't beat them. dont let the haters catch you (but you're in canada ofcourse)

  • At Tue. Jun. 14, 12:32:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Del said…

    I will agree with the love for Minnie. As Guru said it's mostly the voice, but Rotary Connection had the ill arrangements and i could go on. And "Inside My Love" is one of my all-time favourites.

  • At Thu. Dec. 08, 06:35:00 a.m. EST, Blogger FLS said…

    You have got to be my sister from another mother. The similarities are crazy from the undying love of good hip-hop music (Madlib, LB, SV, BLACK STAR, even rarely heard shit like Nicolays joint) to coporate work issues. Even the other music like Estehero.. I haven't heard her new shit but I loved Breath from Another, also The Blower's Daughter is hot. You've got to check the movie Closer. I'm in London right now so they have played Beautfiul out. I know I'm going on and on but this shit is crazy. I'm going to stop here before mufuccas think I'm the crazy type but keep bloggin homie. Lastly, I went to the Madlib concert in London and the shit was wack no bs. Dudley perkins got on and he was terrible, Peanut Butter Wolf was playing some eighties music. The only highlight was J-Rocc on the 1s and 2s.

  • At Thu. Dec. 08, 07:34:00 a.m. EST, Blogger FLS said…

    Artist Reccomendation:


    "Like a Star"

    Good music.


  • At Fri. Dec. 09, 07:08:00 a.m. EST, Blogger piscessoul said…

    @FLS..a wack Madlib concert?!? ohnooo!! say it wasn't so!

  • At Fri. Dec. 09, 09:29:00 a.m. EST, Blogger FLS said…

    It was very much sooo. He was smoking big weed so he forgot some of his lyrics. He even got on the drums and you know he was high... he attemtped to really get funky on the drums. He looked like a crack-head. I was type heated. I mean I paid to see a show. When I saw dude @ SOB's in NYC the Jaylib album had just dropped and I was open off of "The Official", and "The Red". He gave a great concert in New York but I felt hustled in London.

  • At Sat. Jun. 24, 10:43:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    madlib the one and only beat conductor!!!


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