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is that a word..vexation? if it isn't..it will be today for the purposes of this post. so here's the update...(tho there isn't much to say).

i'm feeling the winter blahs (i think i've made it clear on a few occasion through out this blog that i despise winter), but my spirits are lifting because the snow in my backyard is slowly disappearing and now when i arrive home from work it's actually still bright outside. so things are looking up.

i peeped the john legend show last night. my 'vexation' is applicable here. i left home (already late) was just about to turn onto the highway when i realized that i had left my camera at home. quick uturn and i sped back home rushed inside grabbed the digicam and hopped back in the car to meet up with my friend. 30 minutes later as we are parking and doing the standard female pre-purse check before exiting the car, something told me to do a quick test of the cam. would you believe that neither batteries nor sd memory card were inside??!?!?! vexation. increased vexation, since i just spent over an hour tearing up my house looking for the memory card and still can't find it.

now, let me duck to avoid any stones that may be thrown before saying this. the show was weak. if we're looking at hotness, it was lukewarm in my opinion. my old ass was tired before he even got on stage and standing amidst the rest of the crowd, i found my eyes drooping on many occasions. i got the feeling that a large percentage of the crowd was there because the show had been promoted on flow. but, who am i to judge. my tiredness was increased by the long interval between the opening act (matisse) and when mr. legend finally decided to come on stage and do his thing. i found the show boring and the crowd had minimal energy (probably because everyone else was tired of waiting as well). in one word...lukewarm.

moving on. as always, i need to vent a little bit.

i mentioned him over a year ago. Here it is, just when i thought i had forgotten about him and had purged him from my system. he does what he seemingly does best, pops back in for a minute. i'd be lying if i said i didn't want him in my life. i do. truthfully, i wish he was in my life. i've become comfortable with the truth..which is that he is the reason that there isn't 'someone' in my life. everyone i meet, gets compared to him and somehow, no one seems to be measuring up. but the fact is that he isn't in my life...this is something i've accepted. so it puzzles me why these yearly polkaroo type reminders even occur. each time it initiates the same thing...the wondering of what could have been. *sigh* i do believe this is just cause for a blunt.

rotating...that Kev Brown Mixtape


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