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happy birthday to me.
as usual, it was just another day.
the most touching moment of my day came when i arrived home, went to greet my grandfather good evening and he welcomed me with a booming happy birthday. i'm touched, because despite the dementia he remembered.

i received much needed reading material as gifts.
i mentioned a few months back that now that i commute to work i've rekindled my love for reading. so, i received two Sophie Kinselle books (because i can so relate to Becky Bloomwood) and an autographed copy of Cheo Hodari Coker's B.I.G. book. And of course, the bro' hooked up music: Eric Roberson presents The Vault Vol. 1.5.

there were no birthday greetings from my pops. strange, you'd think we live in separate houses. it saddens me, but i continue to be stubborn and so does he. but i'm not even going to touch on that soap opera.

that's it...that's all: my birthday blunt is calling.


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