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there were a few moments last night, as ralph looked deeply into my eyes and sang to me that i felt a sense of guilt. i'm not selfish 'mr. sensitivity', i'll share you with the world. i think that some of the other females in attendance were getting a tad jealous.

then, on top of that.
while ralph was singing to me, i couldn't keep my eyes off of ronnie. i felt like i was secretly betraying ralph and the relationship that we've established over the years.

new edition put on a great show.
even if it was last minute and at a venue i despise.

i fell in love with New Edition all over again tonight.
full synopsis will follow (if i remember) but right now, it's 2am and i'm still buzzing off of hearing them perform "Can U Stand the Rain" live!!!!! but i've got to get some sleep so that i'm actually alert and at work in 5 hours.

and yes, i have pictures which i will post later (if i remember) that will provide confirmation that Mr. Tresvant is still sexy and just as sexy in person.


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