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materialistic me.

I need a new phone.
For once, this is not a want. The phone I currently have has past it's retirement.
It's been used, overused and abused (read: falling onto hardwood, concrete and deep into snow). I currently have a flip which is compact, tiny, lightweight and fits into any purse, clutch or pocket without a problem. Even though the 'flip' took some getting used to, I've grown to love flipping it open to use the phone (read: materialistic me). But today on my lunch hour, i fell in love with the baby pictured below:

Don't let the picture fool you, this phone is 3.14'' x 1.69'' x .75'' and weighs 0.163 lbs. It almost got lost in the palm of my hand (and also seemed quite comfortable in my purse, though the sales guy didn't seem to think so. But as I explained to him, I was just testing it out.).

I need to take a trip to Pacific Mall to see what other cute phones are available (at a good deal of course).

reading...Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes
anticipating...losing money? let's hope not (myself and two other friends chipped in to see if this really works)


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