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help wanted.

I'm placing an advertisement in the local paper.
I'm recruiting.

Help Wanted.
Need willing, patient, nimble fingered individual to assist with removal of braids.
(hair extensions for any non-black/urban readers). Compensation will be provided by way of my being forever grateful for you taking pity on me; and if that's not enough you can partake in my family Christmas dinner.

It's 3:17 am and I've been trying to take these braids out since last night. I'll admit, last night (amidst my laziness) I only took out 6 (maybe 7). Tonight, I started at about 10 pm; and I still have a looooong way to go. Every time I sit by myself taking out my braids, I vow to never ever put them back in again because I hate the removal process. But somehow, months later, I always find myself making the call to my 'braid lady'.


At this rate, I will not be making it into work tomorrow morning. My story will be car troubles. I can't exactly say: 'I'm sorry but I can't make it in because I was up all night removing my fake hair'

If it means me staying up all night into tomorrow evening to get these suckers out, that's what I'll be doing. Because walking around on Christmas Day and going to church on Christmas Eve with half braids and half afro just WON'T be cute.

Wish me luck!

oh yeah. Did I mention I hate winter? And snow? And ice? And freezing rain? I think I also need to place another advertisement for someone to shovel my driveway, scrape the ice off my car and warm the car up for me every morning. Compensation will be as mentioned above.


  • At Mon. Jan. 03, 06:34:00 p.m. EST, Blogger a. said…

    *sigh* I know your struggle all too well. My cousin and I have "braid taking out parties." She takes out mine one week and I'll take out hers the next. That's the only way to do it. If I try to do it myself I'm always close to tears, cursing myself for getting tiny braids in the first place!

  • At Mon. Mar. 14, 02:40:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what we 'go' through.
    came through via iselfra - fellow picean. i will be checking back regularly. must go to sleep now...


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