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the process of elimination

"Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, is the truth" Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

science was never my favourite subject. but one of the things i remember vaguely is that in a process of elimination, you eliminate all incorrect diagnoses until only one correct one is left. that being said, i'm getting rid of the dead weight in my life. mathematically speaking, i'm simplifying the equation. i've made this promise/resolution to myself on many occasions. each year, it's on my list of resolutions (the one i never seem to hold true to). but the end of the year is fast approaching and i've seriously been evaluation the necessity of some of the people in my life and i'm finding that some of them cause me more stress than i need. let me rephrase, some of them bring more negativity to my life than positivity. and i really don't need that.

so, no longer will i tolerate bullshit. i've always had a low tolerance for any kind of shit anyways. i think i've mentioned before that i don't believe in 'sorries'. i am, however, tolerant enough to allow second chances (and if i'm in a good mood, a third but rarely a fourth). so once you're on your third strike...you're definitely out.

so here's the scenario, my best friend is probably on like his 5th strike and i just caught a fly ball. it's over.

it's sad, but i feel like i've become hardened. my mom raised me to be tolerant, to do for others what you'd like them to do for you and to give unquestionably. so being a suspicious, selfish, hardened person just isn't in my nature. but it's slowly creeping in. i'm tired of being the one to continuously give (mentally, physically, monetarily) and receive nothing in return. i'm tired of feeling manipulated and used and raped. i'm tired of knowing that you have it in you to give but receiving nothing in return. and i'm tired of hearing/seeing the shit you do for others and listening to you talk about what you 'have' but never seeing any of that reflected in our so called friendship. it's over.

venting is great.
i'll admit, it's not over. we have too much history and too much love. but i've realized that i don't have to eliminate people. i will however eliminate the type of bullshit that was getting thrown at me. i will speak up and let it be known what i will and will not tolerate. so in a sense, it's just begun.

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