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so excited...

I'm so excited right now.
My fingers were turning blue from being crossed so tightly.
But I can finally uncross them and breathe.
I feel lighter (not too difficult for skinny me), but I truly have to say that since about 2:45 pm today I've felt like I'm walking on air. I felt almost giddy with my excitement. You see the job I interviewed for last week, called today to officially extend an offer of employment. YES!!! Finally a full time gig that includes benefits. I can go book my dentist appointment now, Ha!!

As always, there's a snag. Just a tiny snag, but a snag all the same.
My current contract requires 30 days notice if I'm quiting.
The snag: I'm scheduled to start on November 8th AND I leave on my cruise next week.

I'm still booking that dental appointment, I just know I'll work this little setback out.

rotating...Jack Herrera
anticipating...a new beginning..working (really, I am)


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