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Someone told me once that i should live without regret. I wish i could speak with that person again to ask a couple questions about that statement. I guess you could say, I regret not asking these questions at the time. Like, is it okay to think about the situation you could possibly be 'regretful' about? Or does thinking about it constitute regret? And shouldn't be regret be okay, I mean without it we wouldn't necessarily be able to use our experiences as methods of learning. Right?

I had a moment of 'regret' on Saturday night. One of those moments where, instantaneously, as it happened, regret set in. I reacted with a reflex, unfortunately. If this were one of my psychology classes it would be analyzed as a defense mechanism. Avoidance. And that 'moment' happens to be one of those, that won't ever be relived in that exact way. I've replayed the moment on an hourly basis since it first occured. Like I said, i won't ever have that exact moment again but i just may be placed in a similar situation sometime in the future. I need to etch it into my brain to react differently.

so michael (it's highly doubtful that you will read this and even if you do that you'll know i'm talking about you)...i'm sorry, let's try again. Take 2.

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