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memoirs of summer....

Today was an absolutely shitty day, it seemed never ending and I couldn't wait for it to be over and head home. Work continues to stress me out.

With nothing better to do, I decided to finally uploaded some pictures from the summer.

Taken during a moment of boredom at home. It's a plant if you haven't figured that out yet.

I have yet to provide the details of my camping experience. Yes, I would do it again. The bears did not find me and neither did the mosquitoes.

Ms Bri was captivated by the 'sprinklers'. At Dundas Square opposite the Eaton Centre in downtown T.O.

I could not resist this picture taken while in Hamilton. The entire car was decorated like this (note the New York license plates). If you happen to be the owner of this car please explain to me what the hell the purpose of all of this was!

Goofy and his crew keep me company while I surf the net.


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