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soul good!

If you are ever in the Toronto area when this party is going on and you like old school r'n'b and soul and house, then you NEED to attend this party. The music was EXCELLENT. Great job Max and Scratch. Y'all had me dancing all night into the morning when I left at 4 am! There was no real 'downtime', you know that time when the dj is playing a song that sucks so you use that opportunity to go to the bar and the bathroom. Nope. There was never a moment like that last night. Even when my feet started to hurt and I wanted to sit down, I couldn't because I didn't want to miss a song. The vibe and the energy of the crowd was Beautiful. Not one fight, it was all love last night. Why? Because everyone who was there was genuinely interested in having a good time enjoying the music. No concerns about who's watching who's man or who stepped on who's kicks. No one cared that it was overwhelmingly hot inside the club which was proven by the fact that the wall were sweating, the pipes in the ceiling were dripping with condensation and everyone (including myself) looked like they just emerged from the shower. Something I usually hate, but the music was just soul good none of that mattered.


So yes, as you can guess from the flurry of words above, I went out last night to the Soul Kitchen party. This is supposedly a monthly event (though it only seems to occur when Ian remembers) that showcases r&b classics, b-sides, classic house, and in ian's words 'It's old soul, new soul, revival and neo-soul - anything from made with Soul. Topped off with a final half hour of slow jams'. To give you an idea, they played the Jill Scott "He Loves Me'" house remix, New Edition, Lionel Richie, Dwele "Find a Way", Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson "Butterflies", Aaron Hall, Myron, Janet Jackson "Escapade", Ellis Hall III "Last Resort" and even played new JDilla (I think it was an Amp Fiddler joint).

All of the above (music + crowd) combined with the fact that I was a little bit tipsy and a little bit lifted to make a superb night!


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