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guilty confession....

I woke up this morning with the intention of cleaning my room.
But just minutes into cleaning...my computer called me.
It seems to do that every once in a while. Just whisper my name a volume that somehow no one else seems to hear.

It began with an, "i'll just do a quick email check".
Four hours later, I'm still online.

But the point of this post is...

As I was cleaning, I began to sift through the layers of papers and books on the couch in my room. I came across a bag from HMV with two cds that I bought possibly 3 or 4 weeks ago. The Roots: Tipping Point and Angie Stone: Stone Love.
Both unopened, receipt still neatly folded in the bag. I completely forgot that I bought these. And here I've been moaning and groaning for music for the last two weeks.

But then, maybe that's a sign. I'll be thoroughly disappointed if these cd's suck.


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