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13 days and counting....(and other miscellaneous ish)

I leave on the 30th for Puerto Rico.
That leaves 13 days for me to pack and get my shyt together. 10 business days. Which is equivalent to next week because I know the next few days are just going to fly by.
I have a problem with packing. I usually end up taking WAY more clothes than I really need....just in case. BUT, because this is a cruise...that's not an option. I need to pack carefully. Moms laughed at me on Wednseday when she came into my room and saw that I already had my suitcases out and YES, there was stuff in it already too. That way I throw stuff in as I see it. I've got about 4 swimsuits and I need 2 or 3 more. I figure, I'll wear a swimsuit a day.

The job hunt is looking good. I had a second interview this week at one of the major insurance/assurance companies. My first interview was with a recruiter and this last interview was with the department director. It seemed to go well. She actually asked for my references at the end of the interview and the recruiter had told me that they would call within a week of the interview to ask for references if they were interested. So I'm taking the fact that she didn't waste any time in asking for the references to be a positive thing. My fingers, toes, eyes (and everything else that could possibly be crossed) are crossed. I'm trying to maintain my focus and think positive. So let's hope that also this positive thinking works!!

Because of the above noted interview...I missed out (AGAIN) on seeing Little Brother in concert. They were here in T.O. as part of the Connected/Foreign Exchange tour with Nikolay and Yazarah. My interview was at 8 am the next morning after the concert, so going out was not an option since I'm not a morning person. Considering I missed out on what I heard was a dope show...I had BETTER get that damn job.

On the 27th, I'll be missing out again. This time on seeing Mos Def, who's touring to promote the new album, perform at the Docks with a 'special surprise guest' (i'll let the cat out the bag...i heard through the grapevine that it 'might' be MOP). This time I'm missing out not because I have something else to do, but just because I simply can't afford a $40 show when I leave on a cruise 3 days later. Now, if someone (anyone) would like to sponsor me with a ticket...please, let me know!

So since this cruise has left me broke. I've reignited my love affair with Roger. Who I'm about to go hit up for tonite's fix right now.

In the meantime...
rotating...Declaime: Andsoitisaid
anticipating...Rest, Relaxation & Sun


  • At Tue. Oct. 19, 01:54:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger jirzygurl said…

    Cruises are the best things in the world EVER and Royal Caribbean is the best cruise line ever!!! I went on one 2 years ago and loooooooooooved it! Have a good time and yes you will go through all those Bathing suits!!


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