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the hook up

It always irks me when my bro comes at me after the fact to mention:
"you wanted to go to that show?..oh, I had tickets. I didn't know you were interested"
"i had meant to tell you about this sale I worked at last week, they gave me $1000 worth of free clothing"

So after the last incident, I had a little talk with him.
Seems like he listened because he hooked up passes for me to go to the Nas concert!
Unfortunately, it's all ages. BUT, i really don't give a flying fluck. The tickets were free and both concerts are supposedly sold out. As long as none of those little hoodlums try to mess with me, it will be all good. I'll hold my corner and enjoy a FREE concert.

full details tomorrow.

rotating...Brandy: Afrodisiac
anticipating...ff aka future freebies


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