...respect is just the minimum...


brand new.

Today I...
. started my new job
. realized how boring training is
. shopped with money I have yet to make
. experienced the 'joys' of the early morning commute
. attended a screening of the pilot - 'da Kink in my Hair'
(**props to Trey Anthony, Ngozi Paul, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Vision TV**)
. witnessed a white dude sit himself down between two well dressed upper class white women, proceed to carry on an argument with himself about whether he 'should do it', continued to pull out a baggie of weed and commenced rolling a joint which he went on to light and comfortably sit back, cross his legs and continue to smoke. Let me point out that this was during rush hour at Union Station. The women on either side of him were so shook, they looks of horror on their faces was priceless!
. arrived home to meet a free tee & cd from Giant Step...yeahhhh!!


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