...respect is just the minimum...


things i've learned.

. trust no one!
. because the walls apparently have ears.
. commuting in the winter is not going to be fun.
. i'm not ready for snow
. it's getting cold, but i'm not ready for freezing weather either.
. Brooklyn cats are crazy
. getting caught in the middle of a shoot out at Flatbush&Church at 6am is NOT fun.
. in the real world, a half hour lunch looks pretty similar to a 45 minute lunch
. when you work in claims & decline a claim, you will receive irate calls
. claims adjusters develop an immunity to crying
. Cry if you want, I will NOT change my decision
. trust only cold hard facts
. i need my tea every morning OR ELSE!
. i also need my bagel with cream cheese every morning
. ommission of any of the previous 2 items = a cranky Ms.Soul
. Canada really keeps getting colder
. i've become bored of the internet
. reading and shopping are two of the best things about my new job

reading..."The Heart Does Not Bend" by Makeda Silvera
Is it too early to anticipate summer?


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