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On my train ride to work this morning, I sat next to a woman who was crocheting a scarf. Watching her work got me thinking...I know how to crochet...a bit. Shoot...why not crochet a scarf for myself? If it turns out nicely, maybe i'll get my friend's mom to show me how to crochet a hat; maybe even some gloves to match. So on my way home tonight, I popped into Wal Mart (a store that is ironically being discussed on CNN as I type...there's supposedly a debate about it's 'greatness' as THE American retailer). Picked up some wool in a color that I must admit I'm quite pelased with (it's a blend of turquoises and greens and blues). And home I went to begin my 'project'.

The update...

20 minutes after starting..I've completed 1 and a half rows. Let's hope that this gets finished before December!

rotating...the free cd I received from Giant Step (with the free Tee)
anticipating...a weekend trip to NY on December 4th


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