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i'm not as big a nas fan as i used to be way back when.
i'm one of those fans who lost interest after he started thinking he was nastradamus and hasn't jumped back on the band wagon as yet. the latest double disc has been sitting on top of my cd player (still wrapped) for about 2 weeks now. while i was very pleased to be getting to go the concert for free, i was a bit apprehensive as i was thinking - all ages show therefore he won't do any of his old school classics.

i'm pleased to admit i was wrong. I reminisced with it ain't hard to tell, life's a bitch, one love and the world is yours. and went back to the bbq as he took us back to his days with Main Source.

then he lost me. les queued him and he decided to drop nastradamus and hate me now and (uggghhh...) oochie wally. that was my hint to make a trip to the bar and mingle.

the show was okay overall. the line up was ridiculously long, i heard stories about people (with tickets) who were in line for up to an hour and a half. ridiculous. the show was way too short in my opinion but i'm glad that even more time was not wasted with irrelevant opening acts. the show was all about nas.

it's been a hectic weekend. i went out friday night and then to the concert last night, dropped my cousin home and went out again. my old butt is TIRED, that's a lot of activity for lazy old me in one weekend. so i've taken the opportunity to rest today (read: do nothing except laze around the house).

rotating...mos def: i've had "ghetto rock" on repeat since i got the cd!


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