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happy new year!

what a christmas!
in fact...what a year!!
I look back and am in awe of how much has happened this year.
New responsibilities.
Partying it up in Trinidad for Carnival.
Going through 5 different jobs this year.
Finally landing a permanent place of employment.
And so much more.
This was an awful year for some people I know.
But it marked the beginning of so much more for me.
2005 (shyt we didn't even think we'd make it past 1999, ha!)

2005. I'm ringing it in, in a cost effective way.
I did not spend money on a new dress for tonight.
I did not spend money on overpriced tickets for a party.
I will not be spending money for gas, parking or a cab.
Cost Effective.
I will be at my peoples home for a house party.
The only thing I spent money on was two bottles of liquor.
Total cost = $30

Happy New Year!!
Let the games begin.


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