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will it ever end?!?!?

it's snowing...again.
i'm tired of the white stuff.
the last few weeks have been depressing. i'm diagnosing myself with seasonal affective disorder (look it up, if you don't know what it is). snow, snow and more snow. and when there isn't snow, it's slush. yet another thing i despise about winter. to make it even worse..to deepen the blow..i sit and listen to my mom, grandfather and various other friends and relatives talk about what date they're leaving for Trinidad. ughhh. while i'm stuck here in toronto to deal with the cold and snow and slush and cold and snow.

it's yucky outside...therefore i do not leave the house unless i absolutely have to. this means i go to work, i come home. once i'm inside there's no getting me to go back out. i can tolerate the cold but the wet stuff needs to get gone.

i'm rewriting my 5 year plan to include a clause which reads: 'relocate to a province/state that has minimal snow and temperatures which never hit the freezing mark'. but then come to think of it, at the rate we're going with all this global warming bullshyt and snow in california...as my mother said, i won't be surprised to hear about snow in the caribbean one of these days.

rotating...K-Os: Patience
anticipating...once again: Winterlicious


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