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better but not the best

this week was better.
not great, but definitely better.

my supervisor actually came to my desk to let me know that she was impressed with the fact that i am catching on quickly and had begun working independently less than a month after starting. i guess i'm doing better than i thought. i can say i actually like my current supervisor which is more than i can say for my last two employers. plus, she's good at what she does and knows how to speak to her team. she must have noticed that i was nearing frustration last week, because her words definitely helped boost my confidence.

on tuesday, i saw the stage version of da Kink in my Hair. i loved it. anyone in the toronto area needs to support this because it's not often that a play of this nature makes it into one of Ed Mirvish's theatres. i attended the pre-screening of a pilot that was shown a few months back on Vision TV. unfortunately, i know that this will just be a pilot and will never evolve into a regular television series although it has the potential to be great. sad but true.

i may sound like a broken record but i hate winter. especially this globalwarming day after tomorrow type bullshit weather that we've been having lately. on thursday, i walked down yonge street in nothing but a turtleneck sweater. beautiful weather (still nowhere near warm enough for me, but still tolerable). today it's -11 (celsius) but according to the weather network, it feels like -21 (celsius).

HMV is losing cool points with me. they never have the cd i'm looking for. and i feel like kicking these sales people who look at me like i've got a nose in the middle of my forehead when i keep coming back and asking them to look up cds (that they never seem to carry...oops, i mentioned that already). deep breath. looks like i'll have to renew my love affair with ebay.

moms and i had a great impromptu dinner at one of our favourite restaurants on thursday night. despite the fact that we clash on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, i'm thankful to have her in my life. i listen to the types of relationships some of my friends have with their mothers and i am definitely grateful to be able to maintain such a wonderful relationship with her. we talked about everything. from work to my beef with my dad to my resolution to eliminate people from my life who aren't contributing anything positive.

and now it's the weekend.
it's cold and i'm dreading going outside at all this weekend. if it were up to me, i would maintain my weekend hermit status. plans?
a hot date with my robe, duvet and third watch tonight.
an even hotter date with my dentist early saturday morning.
torturingbeautifying myself
babysitting my adorable but energy draining cousins
enjoying the melodic sounds of steelpan at Snowflakes
yet another night of partying with my girls
and most importantly sleeping in on sunday

i was shocked to come across this while surfing around during a bout of boredom. i created that site 7 years ago and then never did anything more with it for various reasons. shockingly, it still getting hits. even more shocking is the fact that angelfire hasn't shut it down or marked it as an inactive account since i haven't touched it since 1998. much of what i said in the intro still holds true and sadly, a lot of the female emcees i wrote about still aren't getting props where props are due. (especially my favourite bahamadia)

lastly, i know i'm going to get loads of hate mail for this but i'm tired of hearing about the tsunami. canada is shipping millions of dollars in aide, yet we still have homeless people sleeping on every street corner in the downtown core, the government wants to eliminate OHIP and increase transit fares. i can provide you with the names of numerous people from Greneda who are still homeless after being hit by Hurricane Ivan. friends have lost families with the volcano eruption on the island of Mosterrat. and there are millions starving around the world. oh yes, and let's not forget about the families who are being subject to the american waged 'war againist terrorism' (i wonder how much the united way and red cross is donating to them?). i'm in no way trying to minimalize the suffering that the tsunami victims are experiencing right now. my point however is that the media tends to forget about the suffering thats occuring globally. i guess this is the new charitable bandwagon. we'll just wait for another disaster to hit, and then we'll shower pity in that direction and forget about the tsunami victims and the hurricane victims and famine victims will be pushed even further to the back of our consciuosness.


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