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can you guess that REMG is one of my favourite promoters?


  • At Sun. Jan. 09, 03:37:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Papa Midnite said…

    Ms. Soul,

    I stumbled across your blog, and I'm really enjoying reading it. I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable by saying so, but I like the spirit you display- it's very warm and vibrant. I wish you well!

    My name is Noah. I'm sixteen (otherwise I'd be thrilled to go to the REMG tsunami fundraiser; they're fabulous promoters, eh?) The tsunami has been devastating and it's all we can hope to do to contribute in whatever small way we can (what makes our lives so valuable that we in a wonderful country like Canada manage to be safe from this kind of harm? Who knows...) I'm a rhyme-writer and I share a lot of your taste in neo-soul and hip-hop' it's been really nice downloading the tracks in your rotation, learning about those artists.

    Just wanted to drop a line shwingin' peace and good feelings.

    All the best,
    Noah (alias papamidnite)


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