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what's going on?

jan.25 seems like just yesterday, yet it was 13 days ago. 2 whole weeks. which is good, because it means that winter is flying by and before i know it, it'll be spring. as i say this, my fingers are crossed and i am intensely hoping that there won't be anymore snow.

it's super bowl sunday and as i've admitted before i really don't care who wins or loses but i sure as hell will be at a superbowl party today - for me, it's all about the food. (however, if you were to see skinny little me, you wouldn't believe that).

i've got a lot to do before heading out to the party, so here's the quick update...

moms is in trinidad. so are many of my friends. i'm intensely jealous. but i cover it up by saying i hate 'em all. after all, they don't realize that they're missing the best part of winter. snow, ice, slush, slush, snow, cold, cold, snow JOY!!

moving on...

i have a crush. sort of similar to the one ms.keys talks about in 'you don't know my name' but not going as far as the fantasizing that is shown in the video. just a crush. i might be considered too old for crushes so i'll say instead, there's someone i see daily on my commute to work who i've been admiring from afar. we get on and get off at the same stop and sit in close proximity to each other during the 20 minute train ride. i'm intensely shy, so i doubt i'll ever work up the nerve to speak to him, instead i'll continue to just admire.

i must show respect to mr. espinet for remembering to host the party that i love to attend. the party that i raved about back in august, SOUL KITCHEN took place on January 28th. it was even better this time, in fact i'll go as far as saying it was the best ever. my two favorite dj's of Sound Quest played amazingly set after set. I spread the word about this one and the next day, my phone couldn't stop ringing as the people i had invited couldn't stop raving about what a fabulous time they had. it's become a rarity in the toronto night life lately, but for once, it was all about the music. i'm hearing rumors that the next installment of Soul Kitchen will be going down on March 4th (yeahhhhhhh, so that means i'll be celebrating my birthday with some soul!!!). my only worry is that the promoter is trying to maintain the hype from the last edition. usually there is an interval of months between each installment (for example the last SK was in August and the one that followed was this one in January...5 month interval). now, after having such a good response to this one he's not wasting any time and is throwing another one in March. i'm worried. i don't want this party to become played out. i don't want too many people to know about one of toronto's best kept secrets. is that selfish? regardless, i will be celebrating my birthday at the next installment if it is happening on March 4th. and i will be keeping my fingers crossed that ian and the boys of sound quest can match how great the january 28th edition was. i guess we'll see.

rotating...Martin Luther: Rebel Soul Music
anticipating...turning 21 for the 6th time on March 2nd.


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