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the miseducation of piscessoul

i've been misinformed.
somewhere along the lines of life, i thought that what friends do is support. that if you have good fortune, they're there to cheer you on. and if you have misfortune, they're there to lend support.
i will repeat, i've been misinformed.
picture it a group of friends having a casual night out at a restaurant. reminiscing on life, the good old days, blah blah blah. so anyways, on the topic of life. one 'friend' talks about her hopes for 2005 because the last couple years have been relatively shitty for her. please understand the ms. soul has been there in every capacity for this 'friend'. financially, emotionally....there.

yet, this so called friend at the end of her tirade states that she believes everyone needs to have a bad year especially people like ms. soul who've never had a bad year. (?!?!? wtf ?!?!?) there i was, minding my own business. sipping on my 3rd or 4th glass of wine in and out between the table conversation and my own thoughts. happy. content. a little high. when it hit me, basically, my 'friend' wants to see me struggle as supposedly i've never had to do so (in her opinion).

i won't pretend that i haven't had a good enough life. but i think i worked hard for a lot that i have. when i had to do it, i was working 3 jobs and going to school part time. yes, my parents paid for my first year of university because i couldn't get a loan or approved for OSAP. but once my second year hit and they saw i was working, each and every bill was addressed to me. every item in my room was purchased by me with my hard earned money. last year alone, i went through 4 or 5 jobs, trying to find something i like doing. i went through years without health care benefits because i didn't have a full time job and couldn't affod to buy health insurance. there are many who've had it harder than me, but i'm grateful for all that i have and all that i've accomplished. i would think that as a friend, she would be happy for me too. instead, i get comments like the ones noted above.

there are so many other issues i could go into where this 'friend' is concerned, but i won't because i'm tired and my new year's promise to myself was to brush shit like this off and keep moving.

so after venting...i'm breathing...and moving on....

rotating...Madlib: Mind Fusion Vol. 1


  • At Sun. Feb. 13, 10:16:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Papa Midnite said…

    I'm sorry to hear your friend's been frontin' like that! :'(

    Best of luck feeling better!

    Good on you for being able to vent a bit and get it outta your system.

    Still checking your blog all the time, still loving it. Thankee very kindly for bothering to respond.

    I be shwingin' you some peace and happiness on the real!

    All the best,
    Papa Midnite

  • At Tue. Feb. 15, 12:15:00 p.m. EST, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    friends be like that sometimes. had the same friends that showed real love front on me. and show love again arrgghhh!!! it's all good. take care

    got into madlib after listening to the Quasimoto joint. the dude got flavour for days.

  • At Wed. Feb. 16, 03:42:00 a.m. EST, Blogger nehanda said…

    lady, arise..

  • At Thu. Feb. 24, 08:14:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's no friend - that was just the tiny tip of jealously, ugliness and backstabbing. Take the hint and watch your back. Who would wish suffering on a friend?



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