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seriously random

sometimes throughout the day, something will happen or someone will say something and i'll think to myself shyt..gotta write about that one in my blog. but occasional weed smoker that i am, by the time i get home and log on to this cancer emitting box...i've forgotten all the things i had pinpointed to blog about.

that's what happened today. i came home from work with a nagging feel that there was something i wanted to speak on but i can't remember what it is.

so instead, i present randomness:

This is so sad. as i was hearing about it on the news it left me wondering what could have possibly driven him to even attempt to take his daughter's life. f*ck the fact that you and your wife are having problems, there's no excuse. a 5 year old isn't controlling the fact that your marriage is messed up. given the drop from the bridge onto the highway and the simple fact that it happened on the highway, it truly is a miracle that this litte girl survived. i'm desperately hoping she's able to pull through.

sometimes, i think i must have a sign pinned to my forehead saying 'crazy people talk to me, please'. a few weeks back while waiting for the train, this woman approaced me and started talking to me about the fact that she's retiring and she can't wait, and the raptors suck, blah blah blah. i put on this blank look on my face and pretending to be listening. last week while going to get my daily starbucks fix, i was halfway down the escalator when a homeless lady rushed down towards me and handed me her suitcase and asked me to carry it down for her. i was so shocked that i actually held it for a minute and then dropped it and ran. then, today on the ttc while trying to catch a nap between stations another crazy proceeded to sit down beside me and tap me on my leg (waking me up) to ask me who did my hair and then when i brushed her off, she continued to ask if i could give her a quarter. i must have some sort of internal magnet. i need to find it and get rid of it or deactivate it or something.

the birthday weekend was superb. drinks on wednesday. a friend cooked me dinner on thursday. partied (and got a little bit tipsy) on friday. partied again on saturday. rested on sunday.

the 'bro was on point with his bday gifts. i'm enjoying reading the B.I.G. book and that Eric Roberson cd has been on continuous play since i got it.

toronto police wants residents to get more proactive. so they're educating us on how to spot a grow op.

i saw my mystery man outside of our morning training ride during my lunch break while rushing back to work (i was a tad late). but shyness overcame me and i averted my eyes.

john legend, here i come!

and finally, support t.o. hip hop events:

check ramosent for more details


  • At Fri. Mar. 11, 10:20:00 a.m. EST, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    had my occassional "toke" 2 days ago. brain sluggish the next morning. gotta revert to straight sensimilia instead of skunk. got the crazies telling u their life stories huh? join the club.
    some guys just can't take it over a breakup. hope the kid survives. Dizzie's not considered hip hop over here. he's part of a new scene called "grime". some offshoot of garage/jungle/d'nb. whatever

    kiddo u gotta make moves. just say hello

  • At Fri. Mar. 11, 07:38:00 p.m. EST, Blogger piscessoul said…

    as always thanks for the comments obi one. since my post, i've found out the name of my mystery man (don't ask how) and the name has told me alot about who he is. meaning: his reputation precedes him. i realized, he ain't in my league. so a hello won't be happening. i'll just continue to admire from afar.

  • At Sat. Mar. 12, 02:36:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Brother OMi said…

    you are so freakin' lucky to have a chance to watch these artists perform. if they come to my part of VA, Jesus will probably come behind them.

    um a um, fellow piscean..


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