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this is untitled because right now i'm posting out of habit. not because i have much to say, just because i'm online and was like...shyt, i haven't posted in here since april 15th (2 weeks ago). truth is, i haven't really been in the mood to struggle with blogger and it's sometime-ishness. overall, i just haven't been in the mood period.

this tee best reflects my mood over the last few weeks. i like my job. but i definitely don't love it. it's only been 6 months and the 9 to 5 monotony has already kicked me in the butt.

attended the snoop concert last week and had a great time. if my cuz had a blog i'd link to her, but since she doesn't i'll just send a shout out to her for hooking up passes. we were all thoroughly searched for cameras; yet, you'll notice mine wasn't the only digicam in there. more pics from the concert to be posted when i remember.

ms. 'you need to have a bad year' got a new job. great friend that i am, i took her out on friday. had a great time, as the party was an all inclusive. but, i'm too old to be crawling home at 6am.

even though i haven't been updating this thing, i've been online constantly in the last few weeks. i've downloaded so much good music. hallelujah, mint condition is back! and so are vivian and amerie, though i'm a little lukewarm about both of their new albums. but the upcoming releases from platinum pied pipers and quasimoto have stayed on steady repeat in the cd changer over the last week.

can't wait to see who else is on the bill at harbourfront this summer. i especially can't wait for the rumored july 8th performance. i'm supposed to leave for trinidad for 2 weeks on that date, but i'm seriously considering leaving a day or two later just to ensure i don't miss out.

oh yeah..

i can't get i-wayne's track 'can't satisfy her' out of my head. i'm not mad yet though, since it's a nice tune. but i'm sure flow will do what they do best...play the track so often that i'll grow to hate it. reason numero uno why i choose to turn off the radio and keep my cds on repeat.


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