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finally, an update...

here are some events to check on in the t.dot this weekend....

first up, my favourite party returns!

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i've raved about this party on numerous occasions. ofcourse, the fact that my favourite dj crew also happens to be the resident is just a tiny coincidence.

but tonight, tune in to CBC Newsworld at 10pm EST for ROUGH CUTS
The images are everywhere: young Black women shaking their assets in music videos featuring the biggest names in hip hop. The dancers appear to be pretty props-gyrating to songs with misogynistic lyrics, sung by, mostly, male rappers. To many, these images are exploitative and stereotypical. Yet, auditions are highly sought after. What drives these women to risk everything - education, jobs, relationships-for a chance at fame?
Directed by: Elizabeth St. Phillip

i plan on satisfying the shopaholic in me at the Triple 5 Soul sample sale. since i'm feeling kind of selfish, i'm not going to post the info to the sale. but if you're in the t.dot area and want to check it out...send me an email, and maybe if you're nice i'll share the details.

but if you're not a shopaholic like myself, my favourite promoter brings you these goodies this week.

on june 1, illamental brings you zion i with one be lo

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mr. ramos must be really busy this weekend...on saturday, he also brings you insepctah deck, afu ra & planet asia

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also this weekend...

auditions for femphat's honey jam are taking place on june 5th at the mod club.

as i mentioned before, souled out at reilly's has returned. this week dj taktiks will be providing a set dedicated toward medaphoar.

joss stone performs tomorrow at massey hall in a show presented by the House of Blues. last time i checked, tickets were still available; but remember massey hall has issues with the comfort of their seats (those hard wooden things they call seats) and obstructed views.

and lastly, hotstepper is doing it again..
BUMP & HUSTLE! Saturday June 4th at the Rivoli

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on a 'me' note...
i've decided it's time to get up on the technology tip; so i'm mp3 player searching. this decision is also influenced by the realization that i have WAY too many music files on my pc. i'm torn between the ipod (i needwant atleast a 30gb or 40gb) and the zen micro. i'm hoping to have my newest 'toy' by mid-june.

rotating...darien brockington: the beautiful ep


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