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interesting fact.

it's been 27 days.

i would tell you the hours, minutes and seconds as well if i had those details.

27 days since i last smoked weed.

this may seem like nothing. but over the last year or so, i've smoked atleast once a week (atleast). don't ask me to provide you with details about the 'atmost'. weird thing is none of my friends seem to believe me. and a few of them have even asked 'how did you do it'. the f*ck? i'm not an addict. the most common question i've been asked is why? one fool had the nerve to try to tell me it's easier to break this type of habit because i'm a girl. wtf? if i hadn't been on the phone with him, i would have slapped him. twice.

i've accepted the fact that i smoke. (mind you, the fam doesn't know. one of my cousins came out with myself and my friends last summer and she almost fainted when she witnessed me smoking). i come across as very quiet, straight edged and unassuming. so i'm positive that there are many who would be shocked if they new about my 'habit'.

at my last job, a few of us went out for drinks one night. i was picked up by another co worker who lives in my area along with a friend of his. on the ride downtown, my coworker and his friend were talking about the fact that they needed to 'pick up' and were getting antsy because they were trying to call their 'connect' and he wasn't available. i hesitated for a few moments..because i usually keep my matters (and connections) private but then i asked the question - were they just looking for something to hold them down for the rest of the night. obviously the answer was yes. needless to say, my coworker was shocked to discover that me (ms. soul) of all people did those kinds of 'tings'. words cannot even describe the look of shock on his face which later turned to joy because he had now found a 'smoking buddy' at work. in fact, he was in such disbelief that he insisted that he wouldn't believe it until he 'saw it with his own eyes'.

so yes, if you knew me. chances are you too would be shocked. the moral, never judge a book by it's cover. don't be fooled by outer appearances (and a host of other cliches that are applicable).

this isn't a permanent thing. believe that. tomorrow by noon, i'll be breaking this fast. the reason. simply, i've been undergoing various medical tests and i figured it would be better if i gave it a rest while being tested to ensure my health is on point. simple as that.

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