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spring is in the air...

this post deserves to be long.

i've been back from trinidad for almost a month. proof that time flies because i swear it was just this week that i flew back in..touched down in toronto at 7am and rushed home to shower, change and head back out to work for 9am. yeah...i did it..it was difficult as fuck to get through that day. but i did it, despite the fact that my body simply appeared to be parked at my desk...my mind was not there at all.

trinidad was fabulous! fantastic! fucking amazing!

...and i have the pictures to prove it. but, unfortunately, they will not be posted because there were some things which happened in trinidad which deserve to stay in trinidad (for my sake atleast...lol). my liver got a good workout and i allowed it to rest for a few weeks out of pity. i'm not into hard liquor...but there didn't seem to be any other options in trinidad. when i asked for something 'soft' i was handed a cup of redbull and hypnotiq or scotch and coconut water. however, i didn't complain. who could complain...when you're hearing reports of snow storms in toronto while you're laying on your towel on the sands of maracas with a stag in your hand. not i. definitely not i.

but then i returned..touched down in toronto...and rushed to work the same day. as soon as i stepped into the office and took a look at my desk, it hit me that the vacation was over. it sucker punched me with a left hook, when i logged in and saw 300+ unread emails. right hook...when i checked my voice mail and heard 30+ new messages. i just don't get it. if my message says i'm out of the office don't leave a message...why de ass people leaving messages still?

three weeks later, i am still trying to get caught up on my work. so my schedule has been crazy. i typically get in to the office for 9am and don't crawl out until 8pm. plus just about every saturday since i returned. i couldn't bring myself to do it today tho. i will not kill myself for work..that is not my purpose in life..it will not become my purpose in life..i will not become an individual who lives to work.

i celebrated my birthday in trinidad. turning 21 for the 7th time! and what a great birthday it was. i celebrated from the day that we landed in trinidad (february 20th) all the way up until my actual birhday (march 2nd). i have a couple hundred memories in the form of pictures and vows from everyone who's heard my 'tales' that they will be there with me next year.

while in trinidad, one of my friends from toronto excitedly called me with news of the new jack swing concert. WHAT! i definitely had to be in that. guy..teddy riley..blackstreet and TONY! TONI! TONE! i was excited, pulled out all the cds and had a good listen. the day of the concert, i showered while dancing to 'it feels good' i think my performance in the shower was 240% better than theirs. $90 later i'm fucking disappointed. honest advertising would have told me that there is no tony! toni! tone! where the hell was raphael? how could they think that they could bring that imposter in a head wrap and not think that people like myself would not notice! but let me rewind. the hershey centre was apparently NOT ready for us. the line up wrapped around the building as everyone arrived with the expectation of getting in without incident for the 7:30 concert start time. at 8pm, the majority of the crowd was outside still struggling to enter through one door. this could of course been alleviated had the hershey centre opened all doors and encouraged patrons to use all available doors. perhaps that was too logical. by approximately 8:45pm when swv finally took the stage 10-15 minutes after they were called the seats were only about half full. the sound? what can i say...they just weren't ready for us. perhaps the best thing that happened that night was dude in the orange shirt dancing in the aisle and the impromptu breakdance session that erupted while scratch played in between acts. teddy riley? is apparently ageless but needs to check his ego. yeah dude..we know you're the one behind new jack swing. yup, it sucks that perhaps some of the people that you helped in the game don't give you more credit. but music lovers recognize you're significance. get over it.

it was laughable that they kept pushing the after party. announcing it throughout the entire show..encouraging everyone to get their tickets..but then throwing in at the end that the venue only holds 400 people. that's just great...considering there were over 4000 people in attendance at the show. madness.

i end by saying that thankfully...spring is in the air.
temperature's rising! i can tell people have been eagerly awaiting spring. i've seen hopeful's in flipflops, shorts, tank tops and sandals. people...it's nice outside but it's not that nice as yet...so please...i beg yuh, dress appropriately.


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