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aimless ramblings....aka: an update

i wasn't supposed to be at home tonight.
tonight was supposed to be one of our typical harold&kumar2(because it's four of us)esque type nights. hit a party in honor of a friend who passed away a few months ago with the knowledge that we knew just enough people who definitely would be there that we were guaranteed to have a damn good night. most definitely.
i'm here.

i'm not mad though. seriously.
about forty five minutes before i would have had to start getting ready i was craving a night at home with a movie and a glass of wine. i guess i could have said bottle since the bottle is right there in the kitchen grinning at me. but i think one (maybe two) should be a sufficient for a very nice mellow night of relaxing...internet surfing, itunes listening, downloading, telephone talking while simultaneously msn chatting, and possibly a movie later.

dammit look at what technology's done to me!

oh and there's some red pommecythre in the kitchen that i plan to get acquainted with throughout the night.

it would seem that an update is overdue.

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before, but goapele is beyond amazing. she sang each of her songs effortlessly. i'm truly vex i didn't have my camera. floetry.......well....they had their moments of dopeness. but at times i felt like i was trapped at a university lecture. i won't even elaborate. if you agree. you likely understand what i'm saying.

i've finally done it.
i've given in to the fact that i'm stuck in the monotony of the corporate crab bucket. i work late at least 3 times a week. i work on saturdays at least 2 saturdays a month. i went for an interview for a position a level above mine [advancement]. and have applied for a similar position at another company in the industry. [horizontal movement...advancement since it might offer a pay increase and would be closer to home...much closer]. fingers crossed on the left for the promotion. fingers crossed on the right for horizontal advancement. [note: i'm squeezing a lot tighter on the right].

i'm also desperately hoping that as my loccs grow in, they will be at least a fraction as beautiful as goapele's.

it's been months since i actually purchased a cd. but i felt the need to go out an purchase the big black lincoln album (even before del told me to) not just too show support and respect because it's a nice album so why not spend that $14.99 on this one occasion.

my homie proposed!
i had to take a moment because i sat back and realized how excited i was because on the day that he was going to do it i couldn't even get any work done. and it wasn't even me! lol! if that was me then, i really don't want to imagine what i'll be like when my turn comes around.

gnarls barkley anyone?

i've committed blasphemy!
in a moment of intoxication..
i dared say to the best friend...
'i'm not sure if i'm digging hiphop anymore'



  • At Fri. May 12, 11:33:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    yeah goapele is the business. first heard her on a remix of common's "Go". got hooked.

    Gnarls Barkley anyone? you "Crazy"? ;)

  • At Mon. May 15, 12:38:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger FLS said…

    not diggin hip-hop...c'mon man... hip-hop is becoming a lost art like Shaolin Shadowboxing... everything is evolving and we are seeing more formulaic approaches.

    Quality music is seldom heard but it does exist. You can't say it doesn't.

    Good luck with the job. Is what you want? Will you be happy there or will you still be stuck in the rat race? Is that what you want? Aren't you tired of it yet? The Cycle, the late hours, the work on weekends, the unecessary stress, the BULLSHIT.. lol

    peace..stay up.

  • At Fri. May 19, 07:56:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger piscessoul said…

    i'm i tired of the cycle...YES!

    i'm wayy too young to be going through job stress. but...they cycle dictates that i have to cope with it to get that dollar.


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