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public service announcement

if you live in the toronto area, i'm sure you know this already.
if you don't....then, sadly you're missing out.
OTAlive is hands down the best show on the radio right now. as a verb, 'best' really isn't descriptive enough to do the show justice but at this hour i can't think of anything else. so, tune in and hear it yourself...flow 93.5: saturdays 5 - 7pm and tuesdays 11pm - 1am.

if you're not in toronto...you need to get up on it as well. listen online or check their myspace page for past shows.

thank me later.


  • At Sun. May 14, 01:24:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Quirky Creativity said…

    Yups!! I totally agree!! OTAlive is a great show!!
    Yesterdays biography on DMX was great!! lol i completely lost track of how many albums that man did. The rise and fall of an artist. lol I live for their biographies!


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