...respect is just the minimum...


a weighing of options.

it isn't really a weighing of options. really, the decision is clear. but, at the same time its a difficult decision to make. but it seems to have been made all the same.

i got the job. not necessarily the one i wanted but rather, the one referred to as 'advancement'. of course, as is always the case...there would just have to be a but. in some ways, the 'but' was the deciding factor. so when they released the 'but' and it had sunk in, i smiled because i was glad to know that atleast i had the qualifications...i nodded my head to show my understanding of that 'but'...and silently decided that this was it. my job hunt needed to get that more serious.

and then to make myself feel even better, i bought myself a pair of shoes.
...and my smile turned into a grin.


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